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Fifth Grade

Spotlight on Fifth Grade

Need help deciphering the Latin and Greek roots of a word?  Ask any of our Southgate Fifth graders!  This year our Fifth graders have demonstrated extraordinary capacity for challenging and rigorous learning.  Students were fascinated with the Human Body Systems Unit and we even measured what our lung capacities were using bubbles and straws.  Along with Science, students have learned to analyze novels such as Bud Not Buddy.  Our three part State Report and Colonies Unit proved to be a challenging long term project as students learned the indispensable skill of researching in the library as well as the internet.  This year our fifth graders have strengthened their logical and reasoning abilities through algebra.  Overall, our students have strengthened their academic foundations in preparation for the new world called Sixth Grade!

~Ms. Sanchez, Dr. Moore & Mr. Ward

Activities Parents Can Do To Help Their Child Learn

  • Talk to and with your child each night.
  • Read nightly with your child using a variety of texts:  books, magazines, comics, etc.
  • Together compare grocery store items (best buy).
  • Have your child keep track of allowance.
  • Do a family (self) budget.
  • Have your child read recipes and measure ingredients while working with you.
  • Have a family game night and include games i.e. Scrabble,® Clue, ® Guess Who,® Boggle,® Pictionary,® Connect Four,® Dominoes,® Sequence,® and Yahtzee.®
  • Have your child estimate time and elapsed time.
  • Together figure out probability of winning games.
  • Plant and garden together.
  • Build and measure things together.
  • Have your child read to a younger brother or sister.
  • Read and discuss newspaper articles, such as sports, cartoons, etc. with your child.
  • Have your child keep a diary.
  •  Have your child write daily – lists, thank you letters, invitations, journals about vacations, notes to family members, responses to letters/notes, telephone/answering machine notes, and post cards.