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Fourth Grade

Spotlight on Fourth Grade

Our fourth graders are getting ready to change to a higher number. . . .  5th!  They just finished writing fantastic biographies on Lincoln or Washington. Some of our 4th graders wrote smashing autobiographies that are due out in the book stores by June!  Good job guys! Get ready for the most extraordinary California reports ever to be written in the history of our state. Our talented 4th graders can hardly wait to begin their California State reports soon.

In April, our future ecologists will expand their knowledge when Watershed Adventures will come to visit our 4th grade classrooms.  Go Green!  "Fractions?  Did someone say Fractions?"  Our fabulous fourth graders are able to add, subtract, and multiply both fractions and mixed numbers. Please keep signing the homework sheet each night, and practicing the nightly reading fluency.  We greatly appreciate all of your support.

~ Mr. O'hare, Ms. Prince & Mr. Murphey

Activities Parents Can Do To Help Their Child Learn 

  • Read nightly with your child using a variety of texts; books, magazines, comics, etc.
  • Write notes back and forth to your child.
  • Discuss newspaper articles, (current events) with your child.
  • Have your child read recipes and measure ingredients while cooking with you.
  • Encourage your child to play outdoor rhyming and counting games; i.e. jump rope, hopscotch.
  • Have a family game night and include games such as Scrabble,® Boggle,® Pictionary,® etc.
  • Take your child grocery shopping and read cereal packages/packaging.
  • Have books with you everywhere you go.
  • Visit library regularly.
  • Have your child practice spelling orally with everyday objects, rhyming words.
  • Have a dictionary and thesaurus available.
  • Tell stories with your child.
  • Watch television with your child.
  • Have your child write daily – lists, thank you letters, invitations, journals about vacations, notes to family members, responses to letters/notes, telephone/answering machine notes, postcards.